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Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Orthotics

Orthotics are carefully designed medical devices for the feet, and they should be used properly as intended. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your orthotics.

Wear With the Intended Footwear

Your orthotics should only be worn with the shoes for which they were made. Just as orthotics are molded to fit your specific feet, they're also molded to fit a particular pair of shoes. Wearing them with other shoes will lead to a sloppy fit, and they may not provide support in the proper places.

Remove Your Shoe's Support

When you use orthotics, you should remove the built-in support that your shoes come in. The bottom of orthotics is designed to sit evenly on a flat surface — that surface being the flat bottom of your shoe. If you set an orthotic directly on top of a built-in support, the orthotic will be askew and force your foot into an odd angle.

Use Socks or Stockings

Socks or stockings should always be worn when you're using orthotics, and there are a couple of reasons why. 

First, there will inevitably be a small gap between an orthotic and the side of a shoe, A sock or stocking will fill in this gap if your foot slides to the side of the shoe, and the fabric will keep your foot's skin from getting pinched.

Second, orthotics are made from solid materials that aren't breathable. If you use them with bare feet, your feet will sweat on the bottom and blisters can form as your feet move around. Socks or stockings will provide some room for air to flow under the bottom of your foot, and they provide cushioning so that you don't develop blisters.

Build Up to Continual Orthotic Use

Don't wear your orthotics all day long on the first day that you have them. They'll feel different, and your feet will become extremely sore if you don't take your time getting used to them. Try wearing your orthotics for only a short while on the first day, and slowly add a little extra time each subsequent day until you're wearing them all day long.

Sprinkle With Talcum Powder

Sometimes orthotics squeak when they're put into shoes. Whether orthotics squeak depends largely on the construction of the shoe.

If your orthotics squeak, sprinkle the orthotics with talcum powder. The powder will provide enough of a buffer to eliminate the squeak.

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