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Custom Orthotics Provide Unparallel Benefits

When it comes to orthotics, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, unless you have custom orthotics, the option you choose may not be the best solution. Custom orthotics provide a number of benefits that an over-the-counter option cannot provide.

Abnormality Correction 

For the most part, orthotics that you purchase in the store are meant to be a temporary solution. For this reason, if your decision to wear these devices is the result of a medical diagnosis, such as a collapsed arch or supination, an over-the-counter solution will not provide any long-term correction. 

The orthotics you select in the store are created with a one-size-fits-all design and are only intended to minimize discomfort. On the other hand, custom options are designed with your specific needs in mind. So, if you need correction for a high arch, the custom unit can provide discomfort relief while also providing support to correct the issue if possible.

Lower Long-Term Costs

One reason that people sometimes opt to purchase their orthotics in the store is the price. When you compare the initial investment, over-the-counter options come with a lower price tag than a custom set. However, what you pay upfront is not always a fair estimate of the total price; you must think about long-term expenses.

Generic orthotics are not designed to last nearly as long as a custom option. As a result, you will need to replace them frequently. When you add up the cost of each new pair, it is easy to discover that you have spent far more than the cost of a custom option.

Injury Prevention

Your feet are the support system of your body. For this reason, an issue with your feet that remains unaddressed can begin to cause issues in other parts of your body, including your back, hips, and knees. For example, supination can cause spine alignment issues that cause poor posture, which ultimately leads to lower back discomfort. 

Again, over-the-counter orthotics do not address your specific needs. As the abnormality or injury progresses, it can increase in severity. Custom options target the root concern and aim to resolve it. As a result, not only is the specific concern addressed, but the rest of your body receives the support it needs in order to prevent further injury. 

If you suffer from foot pain, speak with a healthcare professional to learn more about custom orthotics to find the solution you need.