When You Have Knee Pain: Talk To Your Doctor About Joint Replacement

Knee arthritis is a common condition that eventually wears out your knee joint and causes significant pain in your knee. You might begin to struggle with mobility or severe pain that wakes you up at night. Your orthopedist will be able to talk to you about your knee pain and what can be done to reduce the pain you are in. Joint replacement surgery for the knee is done all the time, but your doctor may not be ready to do the surgery if there are other things that can help. [Read More]

Signs That It Might Be Time For Joint Replacement Surgery

If you are starting to wonder whether you are going to have to resort to joint replacement surgery in order to get the relief you deserve, you will want to keep reading. After reading through the various signs that may indicate the need for joint replacement surgery, you will know whether it is time to go ahead and take that step of talking with your doctor. If your doctor also feels that this might be a true benefit for you, he or she will then refer you to a reputable surgeon, who will be able to examine your medical history and determine if surgery is right for you. [Read More]

Tips For Recovery After Rotator Cuff Surgery

If the time has come to repair your painful rotator cuff injury and you are stressed out about the potentially long recovery time, then following each of these tips will ensure a faster and more comfortable post-surgical experience: Tip: Outfit Your Home for the Post-Surgical Recovery There are many things you can stock your home with prior to rotator cuff surgery that will make the recovery process a lot easier. Some of the most helpful things include: [Read More]

Some Treatments Your Doctor Might Recommend For Spinal Stenosis

If you have mild symptoms of spinal stenosis, you may be able to control them with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medications. However, it's possible your condition will gradually get worse over time and you'll need other spinal treatments to get relief from the discomfort caused by your condition. These are some of the treatments your doctor may recommend if medications and home treatments are not able to manage your pain. Spinal Injections [Read More]